Monday, May 14, 2007

The Class I Went For

Alphabet With Square Hands
I've admired Ann Baldwin's collages for years and years. Unlike most of the teachers at Art & Soul, Ann spends more of her time being an artist rather than teaching others her techniques, but arthritis has limited her ability to create or teach in recent years. I was so excited to see she was back teaching and couldn't believe she was actually coming to the east coast for a change. The opportunity to take a class from her was my main motivation for signing on for Art & Soul this year.

Here are the pieces I created during her class, Collaging with Words & Paint:Text & Texture. I'm pretty pleased with them and plan to mount and frame them sometime soon. Ann had us painting two pieces at once and it just so happened that mine included the letters A & Z each. I loved incorporating cheesecloth into my work. It created wonderful texture. Rest assured I'll be doing more pieces like these.


carlacarlacarlacarla said...

Cheese cloth!

Intriguing element. I'd have never realized that cheese cloth was included here if you hadn't pointed it out to me. I feel so not-detail-oriented sometimes.

carlacarlacarlacarla said...

Thanks so much for providing the link to your teacher's website. From what I can tell, Alphabet Square Hands isn't currently included among your flickr images, so I've ended up downloading it at a so-so resolution from this blog (about four times smaller than the cheesecloths, which I located in your flickr album). So maybe when you get a chance, upload it to flickr? (Or tell me where I overlooked it.) Please and thanks.

Angie said...

I haven't uploaded it to flickr because it's Ann's photo, not mine. You can see it larger on Ann's site. Here's the link

I hope that helps. Thanks for visiting.