Thursday, July 12, 2007

A New Look

Mixed Media Collage
I thought I'd spruce the blog up a little bit. The new banner and icon are part of the piece above which I did for a class I took at the University of the Arts back in 2005. All feedback on the new look is appreciated. Have a great day.


Adrienne said...

I love it, i'm trying to work on getting a banner for mine to I have no clue how to do this stuff. At home I work on Roy's mac (which I'm still getting used too).Got your email, I'll try to check out the blog you recommended tomorrow. Can you believe A&S was only 2 months ago? Feels like forever, can't wait for the next one!

Debbie Egizio said...

Great piece! I love the depth and composition.

Joelle said...

this piece is beautiful!

carlacarlacarlacarla said...

Ugh I can't imagine using a mac.

btw I like the new banner too.

Leah said...

love this piece!!