Sunday, June 8, 2008

True Colors ATC
I made this very colorful ATC today. I'm really not very satisfied with it, but I did give it my best shot. Colored pencils are still more difficult than charcoal in my book. It's for a swap at Illustrated ATCs entitled Colorful Stylized Portraits. I'm much more please with a couple others I did for the swap. You can see them here and here. I found iATCs last month. It's a juried site, so you have to be voted in by a panel. I really hope my cards measure up. The swaps there are very inspiring. My first swap card returns are in the mail. They may even arrive as early as tomorrow.


Adrienne said...

YAY, glad to see you posting art. I've been checking almost every day since A&S. I love your ATC's. I'm getting ready to start a bunch based on Jen Worden's challenge for this month.

I AM said...

Very nice! Great colors and proportion.

Hope to hear about Art & Soul, I was thinking of going but the timing just wast right this year.

david santos said...

Happy day

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

Heh. I found this ATC's name True Colors kinda funny. You know ... since they aren't. :)

Lots of detail here!

Mae Dean Smith said...

You've got more creative talent in your little finger than I have in my whole body! Glad you have time for the creatie side of you.

Here's what I'm working on:
Today, well lived,
makes every yesterday
a dream of happiness.
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Those are not my words, and I don't know whose they are, but I know deep down they are true.

Angie said...

Great words to live by mae dean

Sarah said...


*Lady D* said...

I just found your blog accidentally trying to find accountants who see, i'm considering a change of major, to accounting...i'm definitely going to give it a go...i've always thought accountants were simply not creative,but you've proved i was mistaken. Thanks..
by the way love your pics. Esp this one.