Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moonlight Memories

A dirt road . . .
acres of potato plants
white-flowered under the moon
Robert Spiess

There has been a lot of reminiscing going on around my family lately and I came across this beautiful haiku that brought to mind a personal memory of my own…

A moonlit night, a dirt road and a sense of adventure…

I had the wonderful luck in my early teens to go to Camp Pinecrest a number of times; for summer camp and also for church youth group retreats. I’m pretty sure it was on one of these retreats that a number of us from the group went on a nighttime hike. Our ultimate destination was a dilapidated old shack that was covered with kudzu, presumably haunted. I vividly remember walking down a dirt road with my friends and the moon shining so bright. At one point we came to a soybean field and it was so bright that the light was bouncing off the leaves in the field. I was immediately struck by wonder at this nighttime world that I had no idea existed. I wanted to stay and look at the field, forget the creepy house. I wanted to drink in this scene; become one with the night.

We took a pause in our journey to gaze upon the field, but soon the more adventurous, less contemplative kids in the group urged us on. I left the scene reluctantly, but carried it away with me, enriched.

A good memory. I’m glad it was awaken by the words of another.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In the Works

Here's a sneak peak at a knitting project I started yesterday. So what do you think it is? Hint, I've never made anything like it. I'll post the end product as soon as it's complete, so you won't be in suspense. Off for Sunday breakfast....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Challenging Myself

Jukebox Days
Acrylics & Collage on 8"x8" canvas
I joined a creative challenge this week. Crowabout has organized a weekly challenge where she posts a group of collage elements for us to work with every week. I'm not particularly excited about this piece, but excited about participating. I joined mid-week so I did not have a lot of time to work on something. The next set of collage elements posts tomorrow and I'll have a whole week to work with those. I can't wait.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's All About the Music

John Mayer
Originally uploaded by jay west photography
"It's all about the music" is the catch-phrase used by my favorite radio station here in Philly, WXPN. It's a public radio station that plays a variety of music; mostly singer-songwriter. And there are no commercials. I've been so spoiled that I just can't listen to commercial radio stations any more; the commercials are just too aggrevating. If you'd like to listen to the station yourself, they offer online listening here.

In order to make my blog a little more personal I thought I’d add a little music. I made a small playlist at They provide handy code so all I had to do was add a new page element and, there you go, music. I’ve tried to make the player handy to access so if our musical tastes aren’t the same you can easily pause the player in the left hand column.

I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Opening Up

My blog reading has changed a lot over the last year, moving away from Art & Soul teachers and participants, to individuals who may not even participate much in “art”. Instead their art is living and they share intimately their thoughts on that in their blogs. It’s inspired me to want to share more of myself here. Rest assured, I’ll still continue to post my art & craft doings here, but you can also expect to see other aspects of what occupies my mind and life on a daily basis. Hopefully that will mean I’m posting more, even during times when there’s no time or inclination to create.