Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's All About the Music

John Mayer
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"It's all about the music" is the catch-phrase used by my favorite radio station here in Philly, WXPN. It's a public radio station that plays a variety of music; mostly singer-songwriter. And there are no commercials. I've been so spoiled that I just can't listen to commercial radio stations any more; the commercials are just too aggrevating. If you'd like to listen to the station yourself, they offer online listening here.

In order to make my blog a little more personal I thought I’d add a little music. I made a small playlist at They provide handy code so all I had to do was add a new page element and, there you go, music. I’ve tried to make the player handy to access so if our musical tastes aren’t the same you can easily pause the player in the left hand column.

I hope you enjoy.


maedeans said...

I'm happy to hear the music. I've discovered several kinds of music to enjoy since we've been here in Lower Alabama. My favorite radio station that is received in this area so far is in Pensacola. Think they call it soft rock at 94.1.

We are back on Direct TV again, and I enjoy several types of music channels they offer. There's lots of variety.

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

I thought of Daddy's Sirius satellite radio when you admitted to being spoiled. It's so easy for us to get that way! Although I'm not willing to shell out the money, I'm sometimes jealous of those of you with DVR / TiVo.

A two-minute google search has left me assuming that Joni Mitchell (Case of Blue) is the same folk artist that Mother and Daddy had an album by in the 1970's.